Forensic Investigation

Structural Investigation

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) specializes in the forensic investigation of problematic soils affecting residential, commercial, industrial, and mining facilities. Studies of retaining wall and pavement issues are also performed.

Expansive and Collapsible Soils, Pavement, and Ettringite

Engineering Analytics has extensive experience in forensic investigation of expansive and collapsible soils, pavements, and ettringite. In addition, our staff has authored numerous technical articles, journal papers, and texts on a variety of topics including expansive and collapsible soils. Dr. John D. Nelson is the author of Expansive Soils: Problems and Practices in Foundation and Pavement Engineering, a textbook used for college graduate level courses and as a reference by practicing engineers.

Settlement and Compaction Investigations

Engineering Analytics has considerable experience evaluating structural distress due to poorly compacted fills. EA has conducted numerous consolidation/deformation analyses and has designed methods to accelerate consolidation to accommodate earlier construction or remediation. We have developed models to predict settlement caused by poorly compacted fills and calculated the time required for consolidation to be completed.

Landslide Investigations

Engineering Analytics has extensive experience with landslide investigations, analysis, and mitigation design. We use our state-of-the-art knowledge to provide geologic study and site investigation, infiltration and seepage computer modeling, slope stability analyses, and slope stabilization plan development.

Retaining Wall Investigations

Engineering Analytics has performed numerous forensic investigations of retaining wall system failures. We have developed retaining wall stabilization remediation plans using tasks such as reviewing design and construction documents, sampling and testing soil samples, analyzing seepage and slope stability, and preparing opinion reports detailing failure causes.

Surface Grading and Drainage Investigations

Engineering Analytics has provided elevation survey services evaluating grade in areas where drainage concerns are identified. It is critical to have sufficient positive grade around structures to minimize distress caused by soil movement. We design and construct surface drainage remediation plans.

Dam Failure Investigations

Engineering Analytics has provided forensic investigations for cases involving tailings dam and water storage dam failures. Our dam failure evaluation project experience includes seepage analysis identifying contaminant source, slope stability analysis evaluating tailings dam stability, cover cracking evaluation, liner design, water balance calculations, and remediation cost allocation.


  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • KB Homes
  • Zurich Insurance Co.
  • Neenan Archistruction
  • Benson & Associates, P.C.
  • McKenzie, Rhody & Hearn, LLC
  • Yates Law Firm
  • Guebert Bruckner, P.C.
  • Steed Flagg Lamberth, LLP

Forensic Investigation


  • Problematic soils
  • Foundation failures
  • Pavement and ettringite evaluation
  • Concrete inspection
  • Settlement and compaction
  • Landslide investigation
  • Retaining wall evaluation
  • Surface grading and drainage
  • Mine facility failures

We have provided forensic investigation services for over 300 projects in the past 10 years.