Remediation & Mitigation

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) provides remediation design and construction oversight for our clients. Projects include engineering design of foundation repairs, underpinning and compaction grouting, retaining wall repair, excavation and fill replacement, pavement rehabilitation, surface grading and drainage, landslide stabilization, embankment failure or leakage mitigation, soil nail walls, sheet pile walls, secant walls, and chemical soil improvement.

Structure Constructed on Expansive, Soft, or Hydrocollapsible Soils

Expansive, soft, or hydrocollapsible soils and bedrock are found in many areas of the Western United States. EA has extensive experience with foundation and pavement engineering in these soils. We conduct geotechnical investigation and analyses to determine which foundation stabilization alternatives apply at each site. In addition, our work has formed the basis for numerous publications advancing the state-of-the-art in heave and collapse prediction and has significantly impacted the state-of-the-practice.

Repair of Failed Roadways and Pavement

Roadway and pavement failures can occur for a variety of reasons including inadequate pavement materials or workmanship, unstable cut or fill areas, poor compaction of subgrade or fill embankments, slope instability, and geologic hazards including rockfalls, collapsible soils, expansive soils, and debris flows. Repair alternatives can include removal and replacement of pavement, overlay, excavation and replacement with controlled fill material, slope stabilization, and construction of diversion structures.


Engineering Analytics is experienced in landslide investigation, analysis, and mitigation design. EA has expertise in field investigation and determination of causes, assessment of existing damage and anticipated future damage, slope stability, infiltration, seepage, unsaturated flow analyses, development and evaluation of mitigation alternatives, and design of slope stabilization plans.

Retaining Walls

Remediation of retaining walls typically includes stabilization of the wall and larger slope. EA has experience in performing forensic investigations and preparing remedial designs for conventional wall types as well as mechanically stabilized earth walls, soil nail walls, sheet pile walls, and secant walls.

Surface Grading and Drainage

Establishment of positive grade and adequate surface drainage is a crucial element in almost any remediation design. We provide surface drainage remediation plans for areas where drainage concerns are identified.

Embankment Failure/Embankment Leakage

We perform forensic investigations and design of remediation systems for failed or leaking embankments. Embankments that have been investigated include roadway embankments, water retention dams, and mine tailings dams.


  • Cedar Heights HOA
  • Pine Ridge Townhomes
  • Imperial Nurseries
  • Various builders, residential subdivisions
  • St. Vrain Mill Preservation & Historical Foundation
  • Broadmoor Development Corporation
  • Zurich Insurance Company
  • Sunrise Company
  • Fallingwater Condominium HOA

Remediation & Mitigation


  • Risk-based analysis of remediation alternatives
  • Cost estimating and feasibility analysis
  • As-built documentation
  • Construction quality assurance monitoring and testing
  • Engineering support for civil construction
  • Owner’s representative services

We provide remediation design for residential and commercial structures, water resource systems, and mining facilities.