Regulatory & Legal Support

Environmental Compliance Consultants

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) offers regulatory and legal support services to our clients for a variety of environmental programs. Our licensed professional engineers and professional geologists also perform forensic investigations and provide litigation support to clients and their insurers on a host of construction-defect related issues. Using sound science and engineering, we advocate on behalf of our clients in the public, regulatory, and legal arenas.

NPDES Permit Analysis

Engineering Analytics staff reviews the technical and regulatory basis of NPDES permits. We dissect the rationale underlying the effluent limits and are often able to propose limits more favorable than those developed by the agencies. When these effluent limits prove unattainable, EA staff have experience preparing Use Attainability Analyses (UAAs), Alternative Analyses, and negotiating with water quality commissions to seek higher limits based on natural and irreversible anthropogenic conditions, economic factors, and actual uses. Additionally, EA staff has experience developing trading programs to provide offsets for dischargers.

Voluntary Cleanups

Engineering Analytics staff has experience scoping and implementing Voluntary Cleanup Plans (VCUPs). VCUPs provide clients the opportunity to address legacy contamination issues in cooperation with agencies, rather than under an enforcement action. Nevertheless, the VCUP needs to be wisely scoped and contingencies for handling unanticipated contamination clearly defined to control costs.

Contaminant Fingerprinting

Engineering Analytics staff has used a variety of methodologies to determine contaminant sources and allocation among responsible parties. Examples include: uranium isotopic ratios at former milling sites; stable carbon and hydrogen isotopic ratios in methane, ethane and propane at underground gas storage facilities; and lead isotopes in yards near former smelters. EA staff commonly employs a variety of stable and radiogenic isotopes, and inorganic and organic tracers to define subsurface flow paths.

Expert Services

Engineering Analytics has performed forensic investigations and provided opinion reports. The opinion report includes our evaluations and opinions regarding the cause of distress and the anticipated future performance of the facility. Our opinion reports often include recommended alternatives for remediation.

Engineering Analytics can provide support and testimony for cases that are taken to trial or before an arbitrator or mediator. EA provides expert testimony and can provide supporting materials or trial exhibits.

Engineering Analytics has numerous staff that have provided expert witness testimony for our projects. Expert witness testimony includes testimony in depositions, arbitrations, and at trial.


  • Lockheed Martin
  • Hughes Aircraft Company
  • Kansas City Southern Railroad
  • Monsanto
  • Kiewit
  • Tenaska
  • ExxonMobil

Regulatory & Legal Support


  • Developing alternatives to NPDES effluent limits
  • Scoping and executing Voluntary Cleanup Plans
  • Contaminant fingerprinting
  • Expert opinions
  • Trial exhibits
  • Trial and mediation/arbitration support
  • Expert witness testimony

We have provided regulatory and legal support services for over 300 projects in the past 10 years.