Permitting & Compliance

Permitting & Compliance - Oil & Gas Regulatory Consulting

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) offers regulatory support, permitting assistance, and compliance solutions for oil and gas clients as stand-alone projects or in conjunction with other projects. Our licensed professional engineers and skilled support staff collaborate with clients to prepare, defend, and support the plans and permits required under local, state, and federal regulations. With our regulatory experience, we provide fully integrated technical solutions for your project or facility. We also develop custom environmental training programs for all levels of staff or management, as well as coordinate environmental testing and compliance reporting.

Water Discharge Permitting

Engineering Analytics offers a variety of water discharge permitting services for our oil and gas clientele. Our staff specializes in several water disposal permitting methods including evaporation ponds, surface water discharge, brine recycling, and subsurface injection. We have permitting experience with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits in a variety of states, Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits in several EPA regions, and permits to construct or operate earthen evaporation pits or ponds.

Air Emissions Permitting

Engineering Analytics staff includes a certified State of Colorado Air Monitoring Specialist who, along with our other staff, prepares air emission inventories and greenhouse gas estimates using EPA and state recommended methods and models. We also prepare applications for construction and operating permits required by air quality regulations. We can coordinate stack testing or performance testing, and our engineers can specify or design air pollution control process equipment.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Engineering Analytics staff keeps abreast of proposed regulations affecting our clients and their business. We routinely prepare regulatory summaries analyzing the impact of proposed rule changes and collaborate with our clientele on strategies to meet new and pending regulations. We participate in public hearing and informational meetings, and prepare written comments on behalf of our clients during the public input process.

Our environmental professionals are licensed engineers and scientists who understand your operations and the environmental regulations that apply. We participate in internal compliance audit teams and support compliance efforts in all environmental media and regulatory programs. We develop custom environmental training programs for all levels of staff or management, as well as coordinate environmental testing and compliance.

Site Assessment, Reclamation and Remediation

In the unfortunate instance of a release, Engineering Analytics has experience in evaluating petroleum contaminated sites and developing and implementing cost effective remediation plans and voluntary clean-up plans to quickly restore sites back to their productive state. Our experience with soil, groundwater, and wetland contamination allows EA staff to provide quick and concise reclamation and closure plans for our clients.


  • Pioneer Natural Resources
  • Tenaska
  • Baldwin Lynch Energy Corporation
  • ExxonMobil
  • Key Energy Services
  • Freepoint Commodities, LLC

Permitting & Compliance


  • Air emissions inventories
  • Air quality construction and operating permit applications
  • FERC environmental resource reports
  • SPCC plans
  • SWPP plans
  • NPDES permits
  • UIC permits
  • Compliance audits
  • Closure permits

We provide regulatory support and technical assistance to the oil and gas industry.