Produced Water Management

Oil & Gas Water Management

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) provides technical expertise for the development, design, construction, and operation of produced water management solutions. Our experience and relationships with various clients and government agencies in Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming enable us to provide our clients with quick, precise, and high quality designs and permits. The produced water disposal solutions we specialize in are evaporation ponds, surface water discharges, and salt water injection facilities.

Water Treatment and Disposal Analysis

Choosing the right disposal method is dependent on several factors which include geographic location, water quality, disposal volumes, and budget. EA specializes in analyzing these factors to make a recommendation on the most economical method of disposal for our clients. EA provides all intermediate engineering design and environmental regulatory compliance services in-house to ensure our clients are operating as quickly as possible.

Evaporation Ponds and Impoundments

Produced water evaporation ponds are implemented at production or disposal facilities in climates that experience high temperatures and low amounts of precipitation. These facilities often require a significant amount of surface area for high volumes of brine to be evaporated, but this process can be enhanced via aeration and/or heating. These designs typically involve a leak detection system, an annual evaporation/precipitation water balance, and a bird netting design.

Surface Water Discharges

Surface water discharge is implemented on production facilities where an ephemeral channel, river, or creek is located nearby. These designs often require higher levels of continuous water treatment to meet state and federal standards. Typically, water quality analyses, water balances, and geochemical modeling are performed and available treatment processes are evaluated to determine the most appropriate treatment method for the site conditions. Once a treatment process is identified, various technologies are evaluated and the optimal process is implemented to meet the limitations of the permit. EA has also worked with state regulatory bodies to develop and implement trading programs, alternatives analyses, and alternative points-of-compliance in lieu of treatment to meet discharge limits.

Underground Injection

Underground injection facilities are implemented in locations where a high volume of produced water needs to be disposed and other solutions are not economically possible. These facilities can be designed to accept commercial or private fluids. Normally these facilities are designed to skim residual oil from incoming produced water providing clients with an extra source for revenue. These facilities require UIC permitting and APDs for new wells. In addition to permitting, EA provides its clients with a complete set of civil, mechanical and electrical drawings necessary to construct these turnkey facilities. Additional services offered consist of preparing operation and maintenance manuals, facility operator training, construction oversight, and start-up services


  • Pioneer Natural Resources
  • Tenaska
  • Baldwin Lynch Energy Corporation
  • ExxonMobil
  • Key Energy Services, Inc.
  • Freepoint Commodities, LLC

Produced Water Management


  • Water quality analyses and geochemical modeling
  • Water balance modeling
  • Oil/water separation technologies
  • Solids filtration technologies
  • Evaporation ponds and impoundments
  • Surface water discharge
  • Salt water injection
  • Produced water recycling

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