Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering

Engineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) performs hydrologic and hydraulic studies on waterways, spillways, upstream catchments, and areas downstream of dams. Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis allow our engineers to make informed decisions on projects, resulting in increased client satisfaction and public safety. EA uses a variety of modeling software to ensure we give our clients the best and most relevant products.

Inundation Mapping

Engineering Analytics provides inundation mapping services for a variety of applications. Accurate location of floodplain boundaries is an essential part of public safety. EA creates detailed floodplain models that result in accurate and informative inundation maps. We stay on the forefront of hydraulic mapping software to ensure our clients get the best products. A few of our inundation mapping serves include:

  • FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR)
  • Hazard classification of dams
  • Instream hydraulic structure design
  • Spillway design
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) development

Hydraulic Structures

Hydraulic modeling supports the design of instream hydraulic structures, spillways, and erosion protection sizing in streams and spillways. Our deep expertise in water resources results in design products that account for floodplain effects, varying sediment loads in rivers, project specific water rights, and other project specific needs. Current hydraulic structure projects include the following:

  • Irrigation turnouts
  • Flow measurement and instrumentation
  • Erosion protection
  • Bank stabilization

Extreme Precipitation Events

Hydrologic PMP and frequency storm routing is required for most river and dam projects. Engineering Analytics works closely with the State Engineers Office to keep our methodology current and relevant to the area of work. Most projects working with water has an upstream catchment and a design storm associated with the design. As this design storm can have significant effects on the project, Engineering Analytics takes into consideration all hydrologic assumptions so that the final product is safe and cost effective. Highlighted areas our staff specialize in are:

  • Spillway Design
  • Culvert Design


  • Boulder County Parks and Open Space
  • Henrylyn Irrigation District
  • Northern Water
  • Trenchera Irrigation Company
  • Newmont

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Engineering


  • Inundation mapping
  • Diversion structures design
  • Hazard classification of dams
  • Spillway and drop structure design
  • River restoration design
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) development
  • Extreme precipitation routing
  • FEMA floodplain mapping

Hydrologic and hydraulic engineering is a part of almost every project in our Water Resources Sector.