Geo-Civil Projects

Engineering Design & Construction

Relic Landslide Retaining Wall Design

Maryland Creek Ranch, Silverthorne, Colorado

Relic Landslide Retaining Wall DesignEngineering Analytics, Inc. (EA) was retained by Maryland Creek Ranch to provide the design for a site that required the investigation of a relic landslide complex. A number of geologists and engineers reviewed mapped relic landslide features and site reconnaissance.  Over 50 geotechnical borings were drilled and 10 test pits were excavated at the site to investigate the landslide features and collect soil samples.

Inclinometers and piezometers were installed more than 10 years prior to development of the site to monitor slope movement and groundwater fluctuation.  Inclinometer and piezometer data were used to guide additional geotechnical investigations and the design of stabilization measures.  Site constraints and considerations for design were relic landslides, slump features, steep slopes, and shallow groundwater.The design of stabilization features for the infrastructure included the installation of 4,500 feet of horizontal drains, 13,000 feet of underdrains, and 45,000 square feet of soil nail, ground anchor, and Hilflker wall systems.  The piezometers and inclinometers will continue to be monitored after construction.


Waste Water Treatment Aeration Basin Design

Waste Water Treatment Aeration Basin Design

South Fort Collins Waste Water Treatment Facility, Fort Collins, Colorado

EA staff was retained by The Engineering Company to complete the structural design of an administration building and aeration basin for the South Fort Collins Waste Water Treatment Facility Expansion.  EA staff was responsible for and provided all geotechnical investigations, and materials testing, during construction.

Seaman Bridge Replacement

City of Greeley, Colorado

During the flood event across the Front Range in September 2013, access to bridges owned by the City of Greeley were damaged due to high flows in the Cache la Poudre River. The bridges lie in Gateway Natural Area in Larimer County and provide public pedestrian access as well as private vehicle access to the Greeley-owned Seaman Reservoir. During design of the replacement bridges, subsurface investigations were used to determine the appropriate foundation designs while a hydraulic study was developed in the river channel to determine flows during major flood events. These flows were then used to ensure that the bridges were set high enough to allow large flood flows to pass under without obstructing the river or bringing damage to the bridge. The bridges themselves were designed as modular, single span vehicular bridges with concrete decking. Spanning 78 and 91 feet respectively, the two bridges will no longer require the original piers in the river for support, yet the piers are to remain in place to protect the river wildlife habitat that has developed over the past few decades.


Structural Design for Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Structural Design for Water Treatment Plant ExpansionSoldier Canyon Water Treatment Plant, Larimer County, Colorado

EA staff was retained by The Engineering Company to complete the structural design of the Soldier Canyon Water Treatment Plant Expansion.  EA staff was responsible for and provided all geotechnical investigations and QC material testing during construction.


Multi-Modal Center Construction Management

City of Raton, New Mexico

The City of Raton hired Engineering Analytics for field observations during construction of the Multi-Modal Center (a.k.a. Heritage Park) in the heart of the historic downtown Raton. EA performed construction management for the project, which included construction observation, contractor labor interviews, problem-solving construction issues, verifying quantities, and coordinating with the design team, contractor and the City. Construction entailed two stucco bus shelters consisting of Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) block and steel columns, two CMU block seating structures with precast concrete caps, an asphalt parking lot, concrete curb and gutter with sidewalk, an irrigation system, and extensive landscaping. The completed facility now hosts many local outdoor events. EA worked with the project design engineer throughout the duration of the project, as well as to submit an application for award to the New Mexico American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). In January 2019, this project received an Engineering Excellence Award through ACEC.