Geo-Civil Projects

Forensic Investigation

Expansive Soils Investigation

FAA TRACON Building, Denver International Airport, Colorado

Expansive Soils InvestigationEngineering Analytics staff was contracted by the FAA to perform a geotechnical engineering investigation of the TRACON building at Denver International Airport. The TRACON building had a slab-on-grade concrete floor and was supported on a pier and grade beam foundation. The site is located in an area with highly expansive soils. The subsoil at the site consisted of 7 to 13 feet of fill and natural soils underlain by weathered claystone and claystone bedrock. The natural soils, weathered claystone and claystone bedrock, exhibited moderate to very high swell potential. The investigation and analyses performed included identification of design and construction deficiencies and calculations of potential slab heave and pier movement. Additionally, conceptual repair options and costs were presented.

Collapsible Soils Investigation

Collapsible Soils InvestigationPine Ridge Townhomes, Basalt, Colorado

Engineering Analytics provided litigation support and expert opinions for distressed, multifamily, residential buildings in Basalt, Colorado. Collapsible soils were identified at the site by geohazard evaluations and pre-construction investigations. Within 10 years of the construction, buildings experienced differential settlement due to collapsible soils. Our investigation included identifying collapsible soil locations and determining future potential settlement.

Landslide Investigation

Landslide InvestigationHams Fork Spoils Landslide, Kemmerer, Wyoming

Engineering Analytics performed a forensic investigation for a landslide that occurred during construction of a haul road to move coal mine spoils. The investigation included a review of geologic reports and mapping for the site and region, a site visit to observe the landslide, subsurface investigation and laboratory testing, groundwater monitoring, seismic, slope stability, infiltration analyses, and preparation of a report with conclusions and recommendations regarding the causes of the landslide and slide mitigation.

Grading and Drainage Investigation

Grading and Drainage InvestigationSonnet Springs Subdivision, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Engineering Analytics performed a surface grading and drainage survey for 47 townhomes located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The results of the grading survey indicated that the grading at 181 out of 217 locations did not meet the minimum 10% grading specified by the soils report. EA recommended the site slopes be re-graded to 10% for the first 10 feet around the structures. We provided cut and fill volume estimates for remediation of the drainage conditions. We also provided a third-party review of proposed drainage improvement at the site.

Contaminant Assessment

Contaminant AssessmentPinal Creek, Gila County, Arizona

Engineering Analytics staff performed an investigation to evaluate contamination of groundwater by seepage from a copper mine tailings impoundment in Gila County, Arizona. The investigation included seepage analyses to identify the sources of contamination, water balance calculations, and allocation for groundwater remediation.