Industrial Projects

Regulatory & Legal Support

Contaminant Assessment

Pinal Creek, Miami/Globe, Arizona

Contaminant AssessmentEngineering Analytics staff performed an investigation of contaminant seepage from a number of large copper mine tailings impoundments near Miami/Globe, Arizona. A variety of analyses were performed including surface water contaminant mitigation studies, seepage analyses, water balance calculations, and identification of seepage sources. A contaminant assessment plan was developed for contributing sites to support cost allocation for groundwater remediation. An interim remedial design was prepared and potable water studies were performed.

CBM Produced Water Management & Regulatory Support

Pioneer Natural Resources and XTO Energy, Raton Basin, Colorado

CBM Produced Water Management & Regulatory SupportEngineering Analytics staff is assisting coalbed methane (CBM) operators in developing strategies for the long-term management of produced water. This includes the development of alternative proposals to meet NPDES permit requirements for iron, chloride, and EC/SAR and testimony before the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) to support revision of the boron standard. The main CBM operator won the 2010 Oil and Gas Investor Best Corporate Citizen award for the implementation of the Purgatoire River monitoring program, which EA staff helped develop and deploy.

Groundwater & Gas Characterization

Wabash Gas Storage, Edgar County, Illinois

Groundwater & Gas CharacterizationEngineering Analytics staff performed characterization of existing groundwater quality and gas composition as part of the redevelopment of this former underground natural gas storage facility. EA staff used stable (deuterium and 18O) and radiogenic (87Sr) isotopes to characterize groundwater flow paths, and stable (deuterium and 13C) and radiogenic (14C) isotopes to fingerprint existing local methane sources. EA staff was the author on Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Environmental Resource Reports 2 (Water Resources) and 6 (Geological Resources).

Reservoir Development Project

Centennial Water & Sanitation District, South Platte Reservoir, Colorado

Reservoir Development ProjectEngineering Analytics staff authored and managed the Corrective Action Plan to excavate construction landfills and remove residual organic contamination at this former aggregate mine and cement plant. This included land farming of petroleum contaminated soils. The site was converted into a raw water storage facility.