Industrial Projects

Site Assessment & Remediation

Groundwater Treatment System Design Construction and Operation

Hughes Aircraft Company, Fullerton, California

Site Assessment & RemediationEngineering Analytics staff provided engineering services for the design, construction, and operation of a 600 gpm groundwater treatment system at an industrial facility in southern California. The design included extraction and treatment of contaminated groundwater and subsequent re-injection downgradient of the site to provide a hydraulic barrier to contain the groundwater plume. An innovative system of six intersecting horizontal wells replaced over 90 vertical wells. The treatment train consisted of a 43-foot tall air stripping tower, as well as liquid and vapor phase carbon absorbers. Four injection wells were used to re-introduce the treated water downgradient of the groundwater system.

Superfund Site Remediation

Apache Powder Superfund Site, St. David, Arizona

Engineering Analytics staff prepared the RI/FS for six areas of contamination at the Apache Powder Superfund Site. Contaminants of concern consisted of nitrates and perchlorates in groundwater, arsenic in soil, and the explosives 2,4-DNT, 2,6-DNT, TNT, and PETN. EA staff prepared and implemented remedial designs to clean up the site. Soil contamination was remediated by excavation, treatment by on-site open burning, and off-site disposal. Groundwater was treated by constructing a 4-1/2 acre wetland. The use of the constructed treatment wetland resulted in over $40M savings to the owner over the next lowest cost treatment option.

Railyard Assessment and Remediation

CSX Transportation, Lakeland, Florida

Railyard Assessment and RemediationEngineering Analytics staff directed the assessment of a more than 100-acre railyard in Lakeland, Florida. The primary risk driver was arsenic. Previous consultants had collected more than 300 samples, but were unable to address the regulatory concerns. The site was being re-developed as a Brownfield property and EA staff expedited the assessment process with a limited number of samples. Using an innovative statistical approach that combined site drainage conditions with detailed operations maps, the assessment was completed to the satisfaction of agency personnel in just three months. This allowed site re-development to proceed on schedule.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Chatham Brothers Barrel Yard, Escondido, California

Soil and Groundwater RemediationEngineering Analytics staff designed, installed, and operated a treatment plant to extract and treat groundwater contaminated with PCE, TCE, and other VOCs. The treatment plant used a UV/chemical oxidation system to destroy the contaminants. A soil vapor extraction system was installed to treat the unsaturated soils. Shallow soils contaminated with PCBs and heavy metals were excavated and removed from the site. A soil cover was placed over the entire site to limit the potential for contaminant migration by wind and runoff and to prevent trespassers from coming in contact with the contaminated soil.