Oil & Gas Projects

Permitting & Compliance

Salt Water Injection Facility Soil Remediation

Confidential Client, Burke County, North Dakota

Salt Water Injection Facility Soil RemediationAfter a salt water facility was severely damaged by fire in Burke County, ND, the site required environmental remediation prior to being brought back on-line. Contaminated and destroyed equipment was removed from the facility and samples were collected to determine the degree and extent of contamination. Site cleanup was hampered by inadequate site drainage which resulted in large quantities of contaminated storm water that had to be handled and disposed. EA prepared engineering plans and specifications to remediate the site based on its industrial use. The plans also improved site drainage, and addressed protection of nearby wetlands.

Produced Water Management

Baldwin Lynch Energy Corporation, Carbon County, Montana

Produced Water ManagementEA staff provided produced water disposal solutions for a production facility in Montana to reduce the volume of produced water trucked off and increase the facility's revenue. EA prepared and negotiated a Montana Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System permit for surface discharge. The treated water is discharged to a drainage that intersects a branch of the Yellowstone River one mile downstream. EA also prepared an application to construct and operate an evaporation pond at the same location.

UIC Class II Permit for Salt Water Injection Facilities

Confidential Client, Williams County, North Dakota

UIC Class II Permit for Salt Water Injection FacilitiesEngineering Analytics staff prepared multiple applications for two new wells to be used as UIC Class II injection wells. The North Dakota Industrial Commission (NDIC) Oil and Gas Division permits included potential injection water quality analysis, surrounding well water quality analysis, well bore diagrams, surface equipment schematics, and a well plat completed by a registered surveyor.

Environmental Due Diligence Audit

Freepoint Commodities, LLC, Sublette County, Wyoming

Environmental Due Diligence AuditEngineering Analytics performed an environmental due diligence audit for a client's acquisition of 66 natural gas wells in Sublette County, Wyoming. The investigation included a desktop study of data from regulatory agencies regarding the regional and local setting and well-specific information, discussion with the current owners regarding the assets, field reconnaissance to visually observe the well pads and equipment, and preparation of reports documenting the findings.

CBM Produced Water Management & Regulatory Support

Pioneer Natural Resources and XTO Energy, Las Animas County, Colorado

CBM Produced Water Management & Regulatory SupportEngineering Analytics staff assisted coalbed methane (CBM) operators in developing strategies for the long-term management of produced water. This included the development of alternative proposals to meet NPDES permit requirements for iron, chloride, and EC/SAR and testimony before the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) to support revision of the boron standard. The main CBM operator won the 2010 Oil and Gas Investor Best Corporate Citizen award for the implementation of the Purgatorie River monitoring program, which EA staff helped develop and deploy.